Imagine a strip of land 18 kilometres long and with a width ranging from 100 to 1000 meters. On both sides, the sea. Even better, two seas, the Menor and the Mediterranean: it is La Manga del Mar Menor.

This natural wonder has been populated since ancient times. Fishermen and shepherds, in addition to the soldiers garrisoned in the watchtower of El Estacio, were their dwellers at certain times of the year. It was in 1960 when, on the occasion of the awakening of the tourist activity in our country and under the declaration of Area of Tourist Interest, its development began.

The geographical whim makes up more than 40 kilometres of wide beaches, distinguished by their quality, and allows us to choose between two seas with water at different temperatures, different degrees of salinity, one virtually calm all year round and the other one having more waves.

The silhouette of this magnificent and unique tourist destination has residential areas, luxurious villas, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shops, avant-garde venues and an important Marina.

It has a hotel and accommodation offer that represents more than 50 percent of the total in the region. Besides its cosmopolitan air, there is the beauty of its landscape, which remains practically in natural condition in its final stretch. Its special conditions for water sports, as well as a wide range of leisure activities complete a wide range of activities for visitors.